webman uses jenssegers/mongodb as the default MongoDB component, which is extracted from the Laravel project and has the same usage as Laravel.

Before using jenssegers/mongodb, you must first install the MongoDB extension for php-cli.

Use the command php -m | grep mongodb to check if the MongoDB extension is installed for php-cli. Note: Even if you have installed the MongoDB extension for php-fpm, it does not mean that you can use it in php-cli, because php-cli and php-fpm are different applications and may use different php.ini configurations. Use the command php --ini to see which php.ini configuration file your php-cli is using.


For PHP>7.2

composer require -W illuminate/database jenssegers/mongodb ^3.8.0

For PHP=7.2

composer require -W illuminate/database jenssegers/mongodb ^3.7.0

After installation, you need to restart (reload is invalid).


Add the mongodb connection in config/database.php, similar to the following:

return [

    'default' => 'mysql',

    'connections' => [

         ...Other configurations are omitted here...

        'mongodb' => [
            'driver'   => 'mongodb',
            'host'     => '',
            'port'     =>  27017,
            'database' => 'test',
            'username' => null,
            'password' => null,
            'options' => [
                // here you can pass more settings to the Mongo Driver Manager
                // see under "Uri Options" for a list of complete parameters that you can use

                'appname' => 'homestead'


namespace app\controller;

use support\Request;
use support\Db;

class UserController
    public function db(Request $request)
        return json(Db::connection('mongodb')->collection('test')->get());

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