Process Monitoring

webman comes with a monitor process to support two functions:

  1. Detects file updates and automatically reloads new business code (usually used during development).
  2. Monitors memory consumption of all processes. If the memory consumption of a process is about to exceed the memory_limit limit set in php.ini, it will automatically safely restart the process without affecting the business.

Monitoring Configuration

The configuration can be found in the file config/process.php under the monitor setting:

global $argv;

return [
    // File update detection and automatic reload
    'monitor' => [
        'handler' => process\Monitor::class,
        'reloadable' => false,
        'constructor' => [
            // Monitor these directories
            'monitorDir' => array_merge([    // Directories whose files need to be monitored
                base_path() . '/process',
                base_path() . '/support',
                base_path() . '/resource',
                base_path() . '/.env',
            ], glob(base_path() . '/plugin/*/app'), glob(base_path() . '/plugin/*/config'), glob(base_path() . '/plugin/*/api')),
            // Files with these suffixes will be monitored
            'monitorExtensions' => [
                'php', 'html', 'htm', 'env'
            'options' => [
                'enable_file_monitor' => !in_array('-d', $argv) && DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR === '/', // Whether to enable file monitoring
                'enable_memory_monitor' => DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR === '/',                      // Whether to enable memory monitoring

The monitorDir is used to configure which directories to monitor for updates (it is not advisable to monitor too many files in the monitored directories).
The monitorExtensions is used to configure which file suffixes in the monitorDir directories should be monitored.
The value of options.enable_file_monitor as true enables file update monitoring (by default, in Linux systems, file monitoring is enabled when running in debug mode without specifying the -d flag).
The value of options.enable_memory_monitor as true enables memory usage monitoring (memory usage monitoring is not supported in Windows systems).

In Windows systems, file update monitoring is only enabled when running windows.bat or php windows.php.