webman uses symfony/cache as the default cache component.

Before using symfony/cache, you must install the redis extension for php-cli.


php 7.x

composer require -W illuminate/redis ^8.2.0 symfony/cache ^5.2

php 8.x

composer require -W illuminate/redis symfony/cache

After installation, you need to restart (reload is invalid).

Redis Configuration

The redis configuration file is located at config/redis.php.

return [
    'default' => [
        'host'     => '',
        'password' => null,
        'port'     => 6379,
        'database' => 0,


namespace app\controller;

use support\Request;
use support\Cache;

class UserController
    public function db(Request $request)
        $key = 'test_key';
        Cache::set($key, rand());
        return response(Cache::get($key));

It is recommended to add a prefix to the key to avoid conflicts with other businesses that use redis.

Using Other Cache Components

For the use of the ThinkCache component, please refer to Other Databases.